Email Management

Email is a critical communication tool for any business, allowing them to stay in touch with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. However, managing email can be time-consuming, and for busy tradies, it can take away valuable time spent on the job.
Here are some email management services that can help streamline your email communication and save time:

Email Inbox Management
Tradie Base can help manage your emails and keep your inbox organized and efficient. This can include managing emails on behalf of the tradie, prioritizing important emails, creating rules to automatically sort emails into folders, and flagging urgent emails for immediate attention.

Email Automation
Email automation can help you save time by automating routine email tasks. This can include creating autoresponders for certain types of emails, scheduling emails to be sent at specific times, and setting up email campaigns to reach a broader audience.

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Email Filtering
Email filtering can help reduce the amount of spam and irrelevant emails you receive. Let Tradie Base set up filters to automatically delete or move emails based on certain criteria, such as sender or subject.

Email Filing
Email filing can help you keep track of important emails and store them in an organised and accessible manner. Our email filing services can include creating a filing system to categorize and store emails, archiving old emails to free up space, and backing up emails to ensure they are not lost.